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The Death of Wicked

It’s official. Just a few days shy of my fourth anniversary of Wicked fandom, i realized that the magic of Wicked within me is dead.

Of course, the lot of you will state that i’m not a real fan because of this, whereas i tell you that such assholery is precisely what killed Wicked

When i saw Wicked 4 years ago, i was changed profoundly. I saw people for more than their exterior and gave every side an equal chance.

Were you changed? No! Since i’ve joined the Wicked fandom, i see that all of you still judge people based on skin color, spirituality, sexual orientation, gender and political views. The only difference is that you think you have license to hate because white, christian, straight, conservative men (which i am, except for the political view) hated on you first.

That’s what killed Wicked for me as surely as it killed my faith in heavy metal and music. It didn’t matter that idina menzel was a potty-mouthed hypocrite who slew my innocence when i saw her in Rent, because the real damage was seeing the fans see the same show i had seen and walk away unchanged, just as hateful as before…

Girl Troubles

I’ve only had one girlfriend in my entire 21 years of life…between about September/October of 2009 and December 2009.

You know how I know that we were never meant to be? Now I don’t believe in predestination (as far as my personal beliefs, a loving God would give His people the freedom to choose their fate, not force them to have one end no matter what), but even from the start, there were a lot of red flags about my relationship with my ex. I won’t go into intimate detail here, but here is the major proof that it would have never worked out between us in the end…

Her name is Dorothy…

My heroine is, to a degree, Elphaba…

Dorothy murdered Elphaba

End of story.

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