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I honestly thought things were looking up for me, but school crushed my hopes and dreams once again.

Wasn’t accepted for The Sound of Music (i’ve been rejected at almost all of the plays, musical and non-musical to which i have auditioned; what does that tell you?), won’t be seeing Orchid and i’m single again…

The Elphaba War

There should be no war among Wicked fans about who’s the best. After all, that’s what the whole point of the show (or one of them) is, isn’t it? Accepting people who are different or may think or act different. That’s what I take out of it, and try to apply to my life.

As far as Wicked goes, yes, I don’t care for Idina Menzel as Elphaba. If you do, that’s okay. But what I am fed up with are these Wicked elitist fans, who have some kind of desire to tear down and destroy other Elphaba actresses. You know who I’m talking about, the ones who say “they’re all good, but Idina is the best.” And those are the nice ones!

Here is a link to a blog made by an Idina Menzel fan-girl or boy who is out-right hating on one actress. And it’s not just her: go to google images, type in “Julia Murney”, and I guarantee, there’ll be this stupid picture someone drew with devil horns, a goatee and shit over her.

I mean, seriously, you’re acting like one of those gay-haters you hate because they hate you for being gay. You’re as petty as these metal-dickheads who troll about, keeping the Metallica vs. Megadeth or Ozzy vs. Dio war going on long after the subjects are either dead or have buried the hatchet. You make me feel like there’s no hope for the human race: like, maybe all the hate isn’t just from “right-wing Christians”, as you say, but from everywhere, including you.

Wicked Update

Okay, so I don’t know 100% if I’m going to see Wicked again (and won’t until the moment it happens). But, in the rare and unlikely event that I do, here’s my 1st National Tour update watch.

So, from what I’ve learned, I won’t be seeing KRC, which makes me sad. Instead, I will be seeing this…

Not my first choice, because I really wanted to see KRC, but, hey, I’ll be glad if I get to see Wicked again. Period. Plus, Alli’s not that bad as Glinda (and I know someone in real life who looks like her, so that will be cute/funny/whatever, lol), so it should be good.

Wicked Day 2011!!!

Hello, fellow Ozians!

To commemorate Wicked Day, between now and 11:59, everything I may post will be 100% Wicked. That means no Tudors, no vikings, no Star Wars, Star Trek or pretty much anything else. Even any metal I might indicate will have some ties to Wicked!

So let’s start festivating! (lol, that sounds so wrong)

Enjoy Wicked's 8th anniversary and keep on Defying Gravity!

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